What Is done in love



Emma Claire Gies writes songs for violin, voice, and mandolin. Along with releasing her first solo album 'What Is Done in Love', she is completing a masters degree at The New England Conservatory in Contemporary Improvisation. She is an ongoing student of Hindustani violin under Durfee Fellow Jagan Ramamoorthy. Many of her songs are written in EBEB tuning typical of Hindustani music. 

Recent notable performances include:

Good Morning Heartache- Reimagination of the Billie Holiday classic by The Flower Pistils performed at NEC’s Jordan Hall (10/2019)

Under Our Skins- co-organizer and performer at Scripps College (08/2018)

the premier of 'And Also With You,' written by Micah Huang ft. poems by Angie Estes, at Scripps College's interdisciplinary performance 'Artsmooch' (02/2018)

'Transforming outrage' Joanna Kao artist retrospective at Piano Craft Gallery, Boston, MA (01/2018)

'Art is a Living thing' show at Aratoi museum of Art in Masterton, NZ as part of Residency at New Zealand Pacific Studios (02/2017)

Emma is a co-founder of Under Our Skins, a Performance series confronting prejudice through oral histories and musical improvisation. The first performance took place this 08/2018 at Scripps College. Emma recently won an entrepreneurial musicianship grant through The New England Conservatory to produce an Under Our Skins at NEC 02/2019. Another is Scheduled for Tufts 03/2019.

Emma has played across America with Art-folk duo The Flower Pistils. The Duo also lived and performed in Budapest, Hungary for a year in 2014 and studied gypsy music at the Rjako Talentum Iskola. Emma also plays in an improvising Contemporary ensemble 'psychopomp,' an original blending of Western classical, traditional Chinese, and American roots/ blues music with recent performances at The New England Conservatory and Tufts University. She has performed with various regional orchestras in the South East including Sinfonia Destin and LaGrange Symphony. She appeared in the on-Film orchestra in 'Pitch Perfect 3.' . 

 In everything she does, Emma strives for beauty, flow, and release (of knots- physical, mental, emotional) in favor of an ever expanding heart.  She hopes her music will inspire others to feel love for themselves and/ or say something true. 






What Is Done In Love

by Emma Gies

Original Music/ Lyrics by Emma Gies

2017 Broad Street Visitors Center, Atl, Ga

Recorded/ Mixed by Jared Pepper

Mastered by Ben Price of Studilaroche

Violin/ Voice- Emma Gies

Drums/ Piano/ Bass & beyond- Jared Pepper

Cello- Rebecca Bays & Ben Shirley

Guitar/ Voice- Eliot Eidelman

Pedal Steel- George Kotler-Wallace

Voices- Tanya Povolny, Gracie Patchouli, Christopher O Moon